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Fattitude And Motherhood With Filmmaker Lindsey Averill

Filmmaker Lindsey Averill shares the story behind a new documentary making waves, Fattitude The Movie.

Fattitude takes a hard look at how the media portrays fat bodies and how that perpetuates fatphobia in our society.

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Fattitude And Motherhood

Fattitude’s co-creator is award-winning filmmaker Viri Lieberman. Lindsey and Viri have poured years of their lives into this film. The Fattitude film is currently being screened around the world and will be released to the public in early 2019.

Lindsey and Viri always envisioned this documentary being used as a tool for fat activists. Moreover, this film is taking college campuses by storm!

What they didn’t foresee is an unexpected champion of their film. And that champion is the eating disorder community. Eating disorder professionals are using Fattitude as an educational tool to help understand the bias fat people experience.

Fattitude’s impact will be far-reaching and I’m sure other champions will arise. It’s time to shift how the media, health professionals, and society treats fat people!

During our interview, we also dive into the topic of motherhood. From body image during pregnancy to how society views fat moms, we address some taboo topics.

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Hearing Lindsey share her passion and expertise is always a privilege. I hope you’ll enjoy this episode of the Plus Mommy Podcast.

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 21

Film Synopsis 

Fattitude is a feature-length, full-color, documentary film. It’s a film that examines how popular media perpetuates the fat hatred and fat-shaming that results in a very real cultural bias and a civil rights issue for people who are living in fat bodies.

Currently, there exists no film that truly examines this issue. An issue that affects not only fat people but also anyone who hates his or her body or anyone who may someday become fat.

Resources Mentioned On The Show:

Lindsey Averill

Lindsey received her M.F.A in Writing from Emerson College. In addition, she got her Ph. D. in the Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University. The focus of Lindsey’s research is feminism. As well as, fat civil rights and the representation of fat bodies in popular culture. From 2005 to 2016 Lindsey worked as a college professor teaching women’s studies, literature and writing courses. In her spare time, Lindsey writes stuff for lots of cool media outlets. For example, CNN, xojane,, The Huffington Post, Alternet, Refinery29, and Bustle.

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