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Plus Size Mom

Dear Plus Size Mom,

Dear Plus Size Mom, we’re thrilled to see you here for some plus size mom support!

Kick your shoes off, and get comfy.

Now settle in for conversations you’ve searched the internet to find. Open and honest chats await you about what it’s like to be a plus size mom.

Yup, we’re talking about it all with plus size mom support – from encouraging our kids to have a positive body image to celebrating our bodies as they are today.

And maybe, just maybe, finding the freedom to live our best lives without waiting on our weight.

You know what I’m talking about, this idea that you can’t do the things you’ve always wanted to do until you reach some unattainable number on the scale.

Let’s let go of all of those preconceived notions!

Below you’ll hear from women who hold nothing back – from reality TV stars and body-positive activists to your average awesome mom who lives down the street.

Trust us – these are the conversations you’ve always wanted to hear!

Maybe you need support finding a balance between your role as a woman and mother. We sure understand that struggle!

Or perhaps you need some encouragement to put on a swimsuit.

We get wanting to have a fun day in public with your kiddoes, but also that uncertainty of what others might think. Or yes, if people might stare because we all know it happens.

You can do it, and we are here cheering you on!

Below you’ll find plus size mom support tips from courageous women sharing their stories and expertise.

We hope you’ll feel validated and supported throughout your motherhood journey.

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