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Size-Friendly Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Size-friendly chiropractic care for pregnancy is a core commitment for Dr. Elliot Berlin, a Los Angeles-based chiropractor specializing in pregnancy and postnatal care.

Dr. Berlin is dedicated to ensuring that people of all sizes feel welcome and supported in accessing chiropractic and bodywork.

As a father and someone who’s plus size himself, Dr. Berlin gets the need for care that welcomes everyone, no matter their size.

He designs his care and office to be inclusive and empathetic. And he hopes all healthcare and wellness providers can offer that same level of understanding and support.

As the founder of the Informed Pregnancy Project, Dr. Berlin extends his expertise through various platforms, including a podcast, blog, and new streaming service, all designed to educate and empower expectant parents.

I interviewed him about how chiropractic care can positively influence the journey from trying to conceive through pregnancy to the postpartum period.

Chiropractor holding pelvis

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy? 

Dr. Berlin is a big advocate for chiropractic care during pregnancy and knows firsthand the difference it can make. 

“Mostly what chiropractors have in common is we like to find restricted joints and release them,” Dr. Berlin explains. He points out how the body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy, which can lead to joints, especially in the spine and pelvis, getting stuck. 

This can cause discomfort and make it harder to handle pregnancy’s physical demands.

Chiropractic adjustments focus on freeing those stuck joints to ensure they’re moving smoothly. This helps to ease common pregnancy aches like back and pelvic pain. But it’s not just about pain relief—proper alignment of the spine and pelvis can improve overall body function, from nerves to blood flow, benefiting both parent and baby.

Proper alignment also helps with giving birth. 

When the pelvis and spine are in the correct position, there’s a better chance the baby will settle into the optional position for birth. And this potentially eases the birth process and reducing complications.

Dr. Berlin emphasizes that regular chiropractic care isn’t just about alleviating discomfort—it’s about ensuring the body is optimally prepared for a healthy pregnancy and a smoother birth.

And his approach isn’t limited to just chiropractic adjustments; it encompasses overall wellness, including various forms of bodywork. 

What advice do you have for plus size individuals seeking size-friendly chiropractic care?

“Look, as a big dude, I have that concern.” Dr. Berlin relates, emphasizing the need for chiropractic practices that comfortably accommodate all body types.

Dr. Berlin is proud of how his practice welcomes people of all sizes. His chiropractic tables can handle 1000 pounds and 750 pounds for massage tables. 

He ensures that everything, from seating to treatment areas, are set up to make all patients feel at ease. 

“I really love when a larger person comes in. They’re gonna get great care here, they’re gonna relax, and get the same great bodywork just as anybody else would get coming into the office.”

For those seeking a size-friendly chiropractic care in their area, Dr. Berlin recommends calling ahead of time. 

This gives you a chance to ask about things like the weight limits of their tables and whether they’re set up to handle all body sizes. It’s also a great way to gauge how welcoming and experienced the staff is with plus size patients. Helping to ensure you find a place where you’ll feel comfortable and supported from the start!

Listen to episode 213 of the Plus Mommy Podcast to learn more expert tips from Dr. Berlin on navigating pregnancy with chiropractic care tailored for all body sizes.

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 213

Transcript happily provided upon request.

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Dr. Elliot Berlin and Jen McLellan
Dr. Elliot Berlin and Jen McLellan recording for the Informed Pregnancy Podcast