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Plus Size Mom playing with son on playground

From one plus size mom to another, I want you to know that you are not alone! Here you’ll find plus size mom support.

Motherhood isn’t as perfect as most Instagram pictures and status updates on Facebook would lead you to believe.

At times, it’s filled with tears and self-doubt. Most of the time, however, motherhood consists of tiny moments of grace within a day full of chaos.

We are on this journey together!

Please listen when we tell you that asking for help isn’t a sign of failure, it’s actually a sign of strength.

It is okay to cry, and vent.

There’s no shame in slowing down and admitting you’re only human.

It is completely acceptable to not live up to the outrageous expectations you’ve placed upon yourself.

You, my fellow plus size mom, are doing more than you realize, and it is enough.

Regardless of how you became a mother or your parenting philosophies, we welcome you to Plus Mommy!

Below you’ll find our articles and podcast recordings that focus on motherhood.

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