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plus size clothes with plus size fashion tips - tag that says confidence is beautiful

Let’s chat about plus size fashion tips!

Are plus size yoga pants a staple in your closet? They sure are in ours!

But we encourage you to let down your mom-bun and get dolled up every now and then.

If your idea of getting dressed up is just a pair of clean yoga pants, then let us ease you into this fashion resource with a challenge…

Always wear cute underwear panties!

This is actually one of our 10 steps to body love (learn more here) but since we’re talking about clothes we’ll share it here too.

There’s just something incredibly sexy and confidence-boosting about wearing cute undies.

Please know, however, that you get to define what cute means to you.

If you’re a thong girl – we’re impressed.

If you rock your granny panties – we love you all the same!

You get to pick what’s best for you but for goodness’ sake, please throw out the period panties.

We encourage you to invest in some adorable panties and where them always! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Now, back to going beyond yoga pants…

It’s incredible how many plus size style icons there are these days and we’ve invited a few of our favorites to share their styling tips with Plus Mommy.

While not all of these fashionistas are moms, they all share many of our same struggles – jeans that wear out too quickly between our thighs and underwires from bras that have tried to stab us to death on more than one occasion.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and leave the yoga pants at home, keep scrolling…