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plus size mom helping son on playground

You might be wondering, why do we need special plus size parenting tips?

When you’re a plus size parent, things look a little different, but no one wants to talk about it.

Do some of these situations sound familiar?

You don’t fit comfortably on a swing set, but you’re still running around the play structures with your kids.

Those tiny chairs at school teachers insist are safe to sit on make you nervous. You’ve never broken one, but I worry about the day it will happen.

And maybe you have broken a chair in the past, but like to forget it ever happened.

Trips to the pediatrician cause anxiety because of assumptions about what you feed your kids (**cough, cough*** get a new pediatrician).

And while we all try our best, just like every other parent, you’d like to swing by the drive-thru on a busy evening without fear of being judged by other moms (because side-eyeing happens, and it stings).

You have a deep desire to raise body-positive kids and tap into plus size parenting tips – yet you’re still working on your body love journey.

We get it, it’s hard work unpacking a lifetime of body-shaming messages, but it’s worth it for our kids and us.

Let’s have frank conversations around plus size parenting tips!

We’ll talk about the frustrations without only focusing on negativity. Yes, things are different, but we sure would like to be treated just like every mom.

We’re interviewing plus size parenting tips experts and moms alike!

Enjoy scrolling below and find the resource that speaks to you.

You’ve found the right spot, and you’re not alone.