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This Bidet Is Mom Recommended And Kid-Approved!

When it comes to personal hygiene as a plus size mom, I’m going to set all shame aside to share a product with you that I’m now obsessed with (and my family is too). That product is a bidet, and this is a sponsored product review of TUSHY.

When I was pregnant with my son, people recommended I get a bidet.

So my husband picked up a nozzle sprayer bidet and attached it to our toilet. It felt like I was using a gardening hose to wash myself down. I only tried it twice and thought bidets weren’t for me.

What I didn’t realize was how many types of bidets there are, and back in 2010, TUSHY didn’t exist.

Even though I didn’t think bidets were for me, I continued to promote the use of bidets because I know plenty of people who swear by them during pregnancy and daily life.

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Flashforward to 2015 when TUSHY came on the market!

I started hearing a buzz and there was no wonder with a tagline like, “TUSHY is a modern bidet for people who poop.” Yet, I still thought bidets aren’t for me.

Then TUSHY reached out and offered to send me a bidet, and I kid you not, I will never poop the same!

Tushy product review

I quickly installed TUSHY on my toilet in about fifteen minutes and was thankful there was no garden hose nozzle involved. TUSHY is a sleek bidet attachment that connects directly to your toilet. You just sit, do your dooty, and then turn a nob to spray your booty. That’s it!

Tushy for plus size people
Tushy installation
Tushy setup photo
Tushy setup closed toilet
Tushy product review photo

Oh. My. Goodness! I finally understood the hype, when I didn’t have to wipe (see what I did there)!

plus size woman using TUSHY bidet

And this might be a bit TMI…but it felt good! It also felt luxurious, but only costs $79.

I’m not the only person in my house who is obsessed! My husband loves our new bidet, and my nine-year-old son said, “This is the best thing ever!”

Bidet Is Mom Recommended And Kid-Approved

This mom is thrilled to no longer have to deal with clogged toilets due to my son using far too much toilet paper. I wish I had tried TUSHY far sooner because every mom knows it takes kids FOREVER to learn how to clean themselves fully.

Another bonus is all the money we will save by not using as much toilet paper while also helping the environment!

I want to share, as a plus size person, I wasn’t sure if my overflowing lap would cover the nobs to turn on the sprayer, but it didn’t at all. I was able to reach down and turn it on easily.

Speaking of being plus size, not everyone can reach to wipe, but no one talks about it. I know what it feels like to struggle to get thoroughly clean because I have a bad back. When my back goes out, it takes great willpower and a few tears to get clean. Thanks to TUSHY, I no longer have to worry about pooping the next time my back goes out.

I can imagine a bidet is extremely helpful for anyone with back and shoulder issues. And let’s be honest, pregnancy is sometimes a time in your life when you can no longer see or fully reach a few different areas of your body.

If you can’t reach, a bidet can improve your hygiene.

My only complaint is that I’ve got a BIG booty, so I got a little wet beyond getting clean. Thankfully TUSHY also offers these bamboo towels to pat dry with, but you can also use your regular towel. The water used to wash your booty is clean water – it’s the same water you shower or brush your teeth with, so it’s not a big deal. 

Bamboo Tushy Towels

TUSHY also offers a travel bidet so you can take care of business without needing to wipe wherever you go!

travel bidet for plus size people

Bidets are super common in the rest of the world, and I understand why! My family is now a bidet family, and yours can be too –


Saturday 5th of October 2019

Thank you for your review!! I've been wanting a bidet for a long time but was worried about ease of use, and effectiveness for a big girl! I do have a couple of questions, how do you adjust the nozzle to hit the right places, and if you're cleaning after a poop, does the dirty get sprayed to the front (the vag)? Thanks!


Monday 7th of October 2019

Important questions! There's a little lever you move to adjust the spray a little bit. And I can share, nothing has been sprayed into my vagina. All clean there every time I've used TUSHY and I've used it A LOT ;)