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How Can I Be A Fat Ally? An Uncensored Conversation

How can I be a fat ally? A thin friend and a fat friend have an uncensored conversation about what it means to be a fat ally.

a plus size woman and a thin woman on the beach together - asking how can I be a fat ally

How can I be a fat ally while hanging out with my fat friends?

One of the most significant stressors people of size face when going out with friends is seating arrangements.

Many restaurants don’t have seating that’s accommodating for people of size.

Booths can be too tight, chairs with arms are terribly uncomfortable, or a person might not be able to fit.

It can be incredibly embarrassing!

An easy way to be a fat ally is to be mindful of seating arrangements from restaurants to your own home.

When eating out, ask for a table that has chairs without arms.

In your home, be aware of seating options that work for people of all sizes – from your dining room chairs to patio furniture.

This isn’t just something to think about for your fat friends, but for people of all sizes and abilities.

This is one small example of what’s addressed during this episode of the Plus Mommy Podcast. Listen below as we have an uncensored conversation about how to be a fat ally!

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 82

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