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Miranda’s Plus Size Fertility And Birth Story

Miranda shares her plus size fertility and birth story. After a long journey to get fertility support, she was surprised with twins! Sadly, her son passed near the end of her pregnancy, but Miranda had to remain strong for her daughter.

Miranda’s story is one of love, loss, and joy.

plus size woman with a Plus Size Fertility And Birth Story

Before we hear Miranda’s story, below she answers two questions when it comes to plus size fertility and birth.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a parent, but every doctor tells them they have to lose weight before they can get fertility support? What wisdom do you have to share?
My number one tip is the Plus Size Birth website and the Plus Mommy Podcast, and not just because I’m a guest on the show!

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The other thing I tell everyone is the absolute most important thing is to find a provider who is willing to help you! Someone who you trust and who you believe in.

Because if you don’t have that faith, that they’re able to help you, it’s just so difficult.

And for me, it took years literally to find the right one, but that’s because I didn’t know better. And I didn’t keep pushing until I found the right one.

I kept waiting and waiting and giving them chances.

Trust yourself! If you go to a doctor and you get the feeling that they’re not willing or able to help you, don’t waste your time with them find someone else.

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What advice do you have for someone who is plus sized and pregnant?

Enjoy it!

Don’t get in your head and don’t Google everything.

If you’ve done the work to find a provider that you trust, lean on them for the information.

Lean on the experts don’t rely on all these forums of people who don’t have any more knowledge than you just talking about things. Don’t get yourself worked up.

Have faith in yourself and your body’s abilities to do this.

We’re made for this even though a lot of people try to tell us that we’re not we truly are.

And don’t set yourself up that you’re going to have all these problems just because you’re plus size. It’s not always a reality. And even though with me, I did end up having a tough end of my pregnancy and experienced a loss, it had nothing to do with my body.

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Listen in as Miranda openly shares her plus size fertility and birth story with a trigger warning for stillbirth.

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 92

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Miranda Schultz

Miranda Schultz is the plus size fashion, home, and lifestyle blogger behind The Plus Life.  She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband, Kevin, and is a new mom after a long battle with infertility.  On her blog and social media, you’ll find all things plus fashion, home life (decor, organization, cooking), and other lifestyle content with everything from travel tips to self-care and self-love.

Miranda believes that every woman deserves to live her best life, no matter her size, and provides content to help on that journey!

You can find her at @thepluslifeblog on Instagram or at  To become a part of The Plus Life Community, join the private Facebook group.  

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