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To The Mom Afraid Of Wearing A Swimsuit

To The Mom Afraid Of Wearing A Swimsuit,

As moms, we’re quick to play the comparison game. Even if we don’t realize we’re doing it, we’re comparing our thighs to the mom next to us at the community pool.

We assume the mom with the thigh-gap doesn’t struggle with body image.

The reality is most of us struggle with self-love and wearing a bathing suit in public can be the #1 fear of moms of all sizes.

So next time you dread wearing a bathing suit in public, remember that you’re not the only one feeling that way. You’re not alone!

We all deserve to have fun experiences with our children, and the pure delight of a refreshing swim! The size of our tighs or fear of judgment shouldn’t hold us back.

To the mom afraid of wearing a swimsuit – just wear the suit!  

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Carly Anderson, the founder of Just Wear The Suit, shares her journey to self-love by putting on a bathing suit. Now she’s building a massive community of moms of all sizes who are proudly rocking their bathing suits!

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 71

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Carly Anderson Just Wear The Suit

I’m Carly and at Lipgloss and Crayons. I’m a former inner city elementary school teacher married to a professional musician living in Southern California and chasing our dreams with reckless abandon. I believe that hard work pays off, that community is more important that competition, and that women are stronger together. I know that society tells us that there is one form of beauty, and I’m here to tell my daughter (and yours) that that isn’t the truth. We lead by example, and I’m setting my own insecurities aside to be a role model to the future world leader living in my house.

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