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Does Being Plus Size Make It Harder To Breastfeed?

If you’re plus size and planning to nurse, it’s reasonable to question, “Does being plus size make it harder to breastfeed?”

The answer is it doesn’t automatically make breastfeeding harder. With that said, there are unique obstacles people of size face while nursing. From a lot of misinformation to a lack of nursing bras and apparel – breastfeeding can suck (pun intended).

I’m joined by Suzanne of Plus Size Breastfeeding to dig into this topic with helpful tips and resources. We’re answering the most commonly asked questions.

plus size woman breastfeeding

Answering – Being Plus Size Make It Harder To Breastfeed?

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Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 78

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Resources Mentioned On The Show:

Below you’ll see images of nursing positions talked about during the episode beyond the standard football hold.

plus size breastfeeding positions

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