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Representation in Plus Size Romance Novels with Meaghan Pierce

Plus size romance novels are crucial in shaping a more inclusive and empathetic literary landscape.

Dark mafia romance author Meaghan Pierce discusses the need for more plus size heroines and plus size romance novels. In addition, she delves into a conversation about how representation leads to stronger self-advocacy and unpacking of internalized fat-phobia.

The Need for Plus Size Romance Novels

Romance novels transport readers into captivating love stories. And at some point, while flipping through thousands of titillating pages, everyone wants to see themselves represented.

In a world where societal beauty standards often exclude those who do not conform to a narrow ideal, plus size romance novels offer a refreshing and empowering perspective.

These novels challenge stereotypes and promote body positivity by featuring plus size heroines. In addition, they send a powerful message that love and desire are not confined to a specific body type but are universal experiences!

Plus Size Romance Novel Bitter Betrayal

Mafia Romance Author Meaghan Pierce

Meaghan Pierce believes the portrayal of plus size heroines in romance novels help to break down harmful stereotypes and misconceptions.

Plus size people have hot sex and don’t constantly obsess over their weight! But many fat characters in books come across in very self-deprecating ways.

Plus size romance novels create a new narrative!

As Meaghan shares, “If we can suspend reality, for dragons, and, you know, a fae and mafia people who don’t get arrested, then surely, we can also put in a plus sized character who’s not constantly obsessing about their weight.”

Plus Size Romance Novels with Meaghan Pierce

For Meaghan, her journey to writing plus size heroines has come from working hard to address her internalized fat phobia.

“Realize that a lot of the stuff that you know about your body is either not true or is so deeply ingrained that it has taken a lifetime for you to learn those things.”

She found helpful insights from resources like the podcast Maintenance Phase and going to therapy.

Now Meaghan thoughtfully writes romance novels with plus size characters that she’s proud of and sees a piece of herself within the pages.

Listen as author Meagah shares her story during episode 202 of the Plus Mommy Podcast.

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 202

Transcript happily provided upon request.

Resources Mentioned On The Show

Meaghan Pierce is a dark mafia romance author who published her first book in March 2022. She loves her heroes morally gray and her heroines strong and feisty. If given a chance, she’ll fall in love with the villain every time. When she isn’t getting lost between the pages of a book, you can find her in West Michigan enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, a good drama on TV, and kitty snuggles.