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From PCOS to IVF – Corryn’s Birth Story

At the age of 35, Corryn had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and a blocked fallopian tube. She knew her journey to becoming a mother was going to look different. From PCOS to IVF, this is her story!

plus size mom with young son she got from PCOS to IVF

When Corryn talked to her care provider about her desire to become a mother, she didn’t get the help she needed. Even with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) her care provider took a “wait and see approach.”

Rather than waiting any longer, she went out and found a different Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

When her new RE suggested she lose weight before getting fertility support, she advocated for herself!

She asked, “Is it better for me to lose weight and wait and get older. Or not lose weight and do this at the age I am now at 35?”

He didn’t have an answer to her question.

So, Corryn signed a waiver stating she understood the risks of IVF at a higher BMI and went on to get fertility support.

Her weight was never mentioned again.

IVF treatments with high BMI

Sadly, her first IVF retrieval didn’t produce viable embryos.

The second time, they did a test called HBA with her husband’s sperm to choose the more mature ones to improve fertilization outcomes.

It worked! They ended up with 11 embryos to send off for testing to select the most viable ones.

During her first transfer, she got pregnant but sadly had a miscarriage at eight weeks.

The next time she got pregnant with her son!

plus size IVF treatment

She openly shared how the fear of loss never goes away after having a miscarriage.

And that fear was constant at every doctor’s appointment, especially when they couldn’t detect a heartbeat at one of her early prenatal visits.

Everything ended up being okay, but she emotionally prepared herself for another loss.

Since Corryn was over 35, her pregnancy was labeled high-risk, so she had additional testing and monitoring.

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Corryn shared that once she started to feel her son move within her, she began to embrace her pregnancy.

Purchasing plus size maternity clothes was frustrating – she felt dejected with the lack of plus size options. She found a few staple items from yoga pants to maternity jeans and was able to wear a lot of her own clothes throughout her pregnancy.

plus size baby bump
plus size pregnancy couple

Due to a clotting disorder, Corryn was on blood thinners her entire pregnancy. Near the end of her pregnancy, they started to monitor her closely.

Around 35 weeks, she was showing signs of preeclampsia.

Her mother developed preeclampsia, and Corryn was born eight weeks early. So she always knew that part of her birth story and wanted to do all she could to have a healthy outcome for her baby.  

Corryn’s OB-GYN suggested watching her blood pressure closely and she needed to do a 24-hour urine catch.

While her blood pressure never increased, the protein in her urine did.

Right around 37 weeks, her OB-GYN decided an induction was the best plan. Corryn had been through so much to get pregnant and have her son that she was ready and willing to do whatever was recommended.

The induction process was very long, and she wasn’t expecting that. It started late Thursday night to ripen her cervix, and by Saturday evening, Pitocin was started, and her water was broken.

plus size woman in labor
plus size woman in labor and delivery bed

She got an epidural when she was five centimeters along.

While she was able to get some rest, she woke up feeling strong contractions.

Things became more intense, and her son was born at 11:21 am on Sunday!

plus size woman after giving birth
plus size family
family photo

From PCOS to IVF, listen below as Corryn shares her full story!

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 116

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