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TV And Film Stylist Turned Plus Size Fashion Blogger – Ashley Dorough

Ashley Dorough shares her journey from being in the TV and film costume industry to becoming an influential plus size fashion blogger.

TV And Film Stylist Turned Plus Size Fashion Blogger – Ashley Dorough

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 93

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Ashley Dorough

Ashley Dorough spent eight years working in the film and TV Costume industry. She spent most of her time styling, shopping, and dressing actors. Mostly those who live in smaller bodies. When she left the industry to start a family, she also launched House of Dorough. House of Dorough is a lifestyle blog that focuses on body acceptance and style for all. Known for her transparency and sharing real-life moments on social media.

In addition to her impeccable plus size fashion. As she continues to shed light on issues she is going through personally, she authentically connects with other women going through the same thing. Herer audience is largely made up of women who live in larger bodies searching for clothing and confidence. Ashley also speaks to women who are in recovery for eating disorders, women dealing with mental health issues, and those with or without children. 

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Her influential presence and ability to reach women on a deeper level is powerful and you can tell she thrives off of community. Lastly, you can find out more about Ashley and the House of Dorough brand and see what she’s up to on Instagram here.

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