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Cortney’s Cautionary Home Birth Transfer Story

Cortney transferred to the hospital for an internal tear after an empowering experience giving birth at home. What makes Cortney’s home birth transfer story unique isn’t that she wanted a plus size home birth. It’s that it’s illegal for certified professional midwives to support a person having a home birth in the state of North Carolina. Sadly, Cortney’s transfer to the hospital resulted in her family having to deal with Child Protective Services.

Now, this new mom is passionate about sharing her story, so others don’t have to endure all she did.

Text on image - Cortney’s Cautionary Home Birth Transfer Story

Cortney’s story starts when she was questioning the care she was receiving from her OB-GYN throughout her pregnancy.

She felt like decisions were being made based on concerns about her weight and not her overall health.

During this difficult time, Cortney had maternity photos taken. These images provided her with strength and made her feel beautiful!

Courtney posing on the beach during sunset
Courtney on the beach
Courtney and her husband on the beach

The turning point for Cortney was when she shared her birth plan with her OB-GYN. She was told that because of her BMI it wasn’t likely that she would have a vaginal birth. After being told this and hiring a doula, she started researching out-of-hospital birth.

There’s an assumption that plus size people can’t have a home birth because of their size. While a few states have BMI restrictions for home birth and birth center birth – most don’t. Home birth is an option for low-risk women and being plus size doesn’t automatically classify your pregnancy as high risk.

Cortney believed home birth was the best option for her birth. Unfortunately, it’s illegal for her midwife to attend home births in the state of North Carolina.

This put Cortney in a difficult situation.

During episode 37 of the Plus Mommy Podcast, Cortney’s story unfolds in both beautiful and in tragic ways.

As Cortney shares during this episode, you owe it to yourself to connect with a size-friendly care provider! You need to research the best place for you to give birth, and if that’s home birth, have a clear hospital transfer plan that includes knowing how you’ll interface with care providers.

Listen to Cortney’s story below. If you’re interested in having a home birth, you can read even more plus size home birth stories on the Plus Size Birth website.

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 37

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Cortney’s Home Birth Photos

Courtney having a home birth
Man and woman helping Courtney with her home birth
Courtney laying down
Courtney plus size woman in birthing tub having a home birth
Courtney's husband comforting her while in a birthing pool
Courtney holding her child

Photos by J. Stanley Photography 

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