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The Breastfeeding Complication We’re Not Talking About Enough

As a society, we’re quick to blame the mom if breastfeeding isn’t established. Dr. Linda Dahl joins the Plus Mommy Podcast. We have a fascinating conversation about a breastfeeding complication we’re not talking about enough. A baby’s anatomical characteristics are far more often to blame than a mom’s inability to produce milk!

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Breastfeeding Complication

Overall breastfeeding can work for you and your baby 75% of the time. For those in the 25%, there are issues that should be addressed.

As an ear, nose, and throat doctor Dr. Dahl found a connection between tongue-tie and breastfeeding struggles after listening to the concerns of lactation consultants.

Clipping a true tongue or lip tie has resolved many complications. However, over the years, Dr. Dahl has watched the harm caused by the overdiagnosis of tongue-tie.

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Watch the video below that shows all that needs to happen for a baby to be able to latch. We discuss this a lot throughout this episode.

Moms can self-diagnose breastfeedings issue most of the time. Yet, they don’t have the resources or expertise to fix the problem. Parents should watch for how wide their baby can open their mouth.

Beyond working hard to encourage and support breastfeeding, Dr. Dahl addresses that a mother’s mental health during postpartum is critical and often overlooked.

When breastfeeding struggles occur a push for “breast is best” can cause more harm than good. To sum it up, If breastfeeding doesn’t work out, there are many ways to bond with your baby. Many parents enjoy doing skin-to-skin with their infants. Above all, Oxytocin is the best!

Listen in as we discuss all of the above and well beyond!

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 66

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Dr. Linda Dahl

Dr. Dahl lectures in a myriad of settings: Screen Actor’s Guild, Actor’s Equity, lactation conferences, medical conferences, and hospitals. She educates residents from Beth Israel Hospital, New York University Hospital, and Weill Cornell Hospital. She has also written and co-written articles published in scientific journals Dr. Dahl recently published a Clinical Guide to Breastfeeding through Springer International. She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows discussing ear nose and throat issues.

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