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Tywanda’s Plus Size C-Section Story

There’s a stigma attached to having a c-section – one of failure and disappointment. While sometimes giving birth via cesarean is devastating, for many it’s a joyful experience. The reality is the mother giving birth gets to define her birth story! And for Tywanda, her plus size c-section was a relief. She was relieved her breech baby would come into this world safely.

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Plus Size C-Section Story

Tywanda joins the Plus Mommy Podcast to share her plus size c-section story! From conception to postpartum recovery, Tywanda doesn’t hold back.

When Tywanda and her husband talked about starting a family, there was an unspoken concern about weight. A worry that being plus size means you can’t have a healthy outcome. Time passed, and Tywanda realized she was done waiting.

From shifting her nutrition to tracking ovulation, Tywanda decided to focus entirely on becoming a mother. She got pregnant right away but had a chemical pregnancy (a very early miscarriage).

Three weeks later she found herself pregnant with her daughter!

Tywanda believes taking her basal body temperature and tracking her ovulation was the key to getting pregnant so easily. During her prenatal visits, Tywanda was the first to address her size! She knew connecting with a good care provider was critical and having an open dialogue is essential.

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As her pregnancy progressed, she had additional testing due to her asthma.

During these ultrasounds, it was clear her baby found a comfy position laying in the breech position. Even a manual version and chiropractic visits to try and get her baby to turn head down didn’t work.

A decision was made that a plus size c-section would be Tywanda’s birth story.

During episode 28 she shares what that experience was like and tips for other moms – like pushing yourself to get up and walk as soon as you can.

I’m thankful to Tywanda for being a guest and sharing her beautiful birth experience. Cesarean birth is birth!

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Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 28

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