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Champion Powerlifter Becci Holcomb Shares Her Pregnancy & Birth Story

Champion powerlifter Becci Holcomb deadlifted almost 600 lb when she was pregnant during a competition in Dubai. This unstoppable woman joins the Plus Mommy Podcast to share her pregnancy and birth story.

Becci wants everyone to know that you can do awesome things when you are pregnant!

Becci Holcomb winning a championship

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 122

Resources Mentioned On The Show:

  • Follow Becci’s journey on Instagram and Facebook.
  • During our interview, Becci shares different exercises to keep your core strong including doing Deadbugs.
Becci Holcomb

Becci Holcomb first started powerlifting in October of 2013. She competed in her first USA powerlifting competition the following April. She placed first in her weight class and set all new USA Powerlifting Georgia state records. This is when she figured out she was an okay lifter.

Becci has progressed to compete nationally and internationally in the 84+ kg weight class in both raw and single-ply equipment. She has broken both raw and single-ply American deadlift records. She has placed top three in every nationals she has competed in, most notably winning the 2017 USAPL Open Nationals. Becci also won the Pro Deadlift Challenge with the most weight lifted by a woman.

Powerlifting has taught Becci how to be physically and mentally strong. It has also taught her how to appreciate and love her body regardless of what society pushes on her. She brings the life lessons she has learned from her own journey in powerlifting to coaching both novice and experienced athletes.

Becci currently resides and works in Marietta, Georgia with her boyfriend Jay, their daughter Xoë and their five fur babies Duke, Abi, Cleo, Toothless, and Siggy. She trains at Elite Iron in Suwanee.

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