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Self-Love For Moms – From Stretch Marks To Glitter Stripes

Allison Kimmey is on a mission to help moms change the way they view their bodies and talk to their kids about body image. Her messages have gone viral, including a conversation with her daughter about how her stretch marks are actually “glitter stripes!”

Listen in as she shares her journey and inspirational messages to plus size moms.

plus size mom on the beach with her daughter

Self-Love For Moms

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 96

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Allison Kimmey

Allison Kimmey is an international self-love expert, body confidence children’s author, and social influencer reaching 200,000 women each and every day with her message to “Just Do You, Babe” Featured in Cosmo, Marie Claire, People, Scary Mommy, Inside Edition, Self, among others.

Allison has quickly become recognized as a self-love and body positive parenting expert. She is an unapologetic body lover with an addiction to plus size swimwear, and her deepest passion is changing the conversation around women’s bodies in order to empower today’s women, and ultimately prevent body image issues in our next generation.

Allie resides along the beaches of Florida with her high school sweetheart and their two young children.

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