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Salena Shares Her Healing Home Birth Story

Twelve years following a traumatic birth, Salena knew next time would be different. She shares her and her wife’s journey to getting pregnant with their son and her healing home birth story as a plus size woman.

Healing Home Birth Setting

Healing Home Birth

For months on end, Salena and her wife tried to get pregnant via home insemination.

It was awkward and exhausting, but also a time full of hope.

Sadly, her wife was diagnosed with endometriosis and also had PCOS.

It was hard to grieve through the loss of her wife carrying their child, but Salena was ready to help them grow a family.

Six months later, Salena got pregnant and then experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage.

That loss took time for them to recover from as a family emotionally.

When they were ready to start trying again, they lived in a different location and found a new donor.

Selena got pregnant in the second month of trying!

She knew without hesitation that she’d be having a home birth and already had a size-friendly midwife selected.

This is her healing home birth story!

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 124

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