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Write Your Birth Story – What You Need To Know To Get Started

If you’ve wanted to write your birth story or are planning your upcoming birth, this is for you!

Bryn Huntpalmer, the host of The Birth Hour podcast, knows the power of telling your birth story.

With birth stories ranging from unmedicated to scheduled cesarean, her popular pregnancy podcast has over ten million downloads. If you’re considering writing your birth story, this episode will provide you with helpful tips and beautiful insights.

Every birth story matters, and it’s never too late to write yours!

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newborn baby - text on image Write Your Birth Story – What You Need To Know To Get Started

6 Steps To Writing Your Birth Story

When it comes to writing your birth story there aren’t any rules, but you might find these six steps to be helpful.

Step 1 – Write Your Birth Story

As soon as you’re able, especially within the first couple of days after giving birth, write your birth story.

Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.

Don’t worry about how you decide to start writing – be it bullet notes or long paragraphs or writing it down in a journal or typing it up on a computer. You can even tell your birth story via artwork.

Do whatever works for you!

It’s okay if your birth story is a blur, and you can’t remember all the details.

Just write what comes to mind.  

Pour it all out!

Please note that it’s never too late to write your birth story! Maybe you’re reading this months or years after you’ve given birth – that’s okay.

Just start writing, and you’ll be amazed at what starts flowing out of you!

Step 2 – Tap Into The Senses Of Your Birth

By tapping into your senses, you can trigger memories! What did you see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste during childbirth?

What did you see during your birth?

Did you have photos taken by a professional photographer or family member? Look at those images as you’re recounting your birth story.

As you’re reviewing photos from your birth, don’t be quick to delete pictures that might not be the most “flattering” angle.

Trust me! You’ll want these images to look back upon years from now. And you’re under no obligation to share these photos with anyone. These photographs are yours.

What did you hear during childbirth?

Did you have a playlist you listened to during labor? Play those songs while you’re writing your birth story.

Music is powerful, and these songs will hold a special place in your heart for the rest of your life.  

What did you touch or taste?

Okay, these last two, touch and taste, might be a stretch but think back upon your birth. Did you hold a stress ball while in labor or suck on a honey stick?

By tapping into these little details, you might unlock moments from your birth that you’ve forgotten.

Step 3 – Review Medical Records From Your Birth

As you’re trying to piece together your birth story, consider reviewing your medical records or chart notes from a home birth.

If you hired a doula for your birth, they might also have helpful notes for you to review.

You can go over the records with your care provider during your postpartum visit. Even if this provider isn’t the same person who was present at your birth, they’ll probably be able to answer questions or help to guide you in the right direction.

It’s important to address that you may see notes that can be upsetting.

If you have a BMI above 30, you might see it noted in your record that you’re “morbidly obese.” That can be difficult to read, but please remember that your BMI classification doesn’t define your birth outcome.  

Step 4 – Tell Your Birth Story To Those Who Were There

While it can be interesting to hear your birth story from another person’s perspective, be it a doula or partner, it can also change the way you view your birth.

So rather than having someone else tell you what they saw, you can share with them what you experienced. Then together, you can fill in any gaps you might have in your birth story.

Step 5 – Review Your Birth Story (Again)

As Bryn shares, “It’s great to get some details down within the first few days, but it’s interesting how our perspective changes when we have time to process. So it’s actually good, I think, to have different stages of processing, and then write it down when you’re ready.”

You can review your birth story a few days after you’ve written it or a few years – this is your story to do with as you please! 

Step 6 – Share Your Birth Story (Optional)

There are many ways to share your birth story, or you can keep it just for yourself. As we shared from the start, there are no rules!

If you are interested in sharing your story, you can submit to be a guest on The Birth Hour Podcast, share your story on the Plus Size Birth website, start your own blog, or simply enjoy telling your story to other moms as the conversation comes up.

For even more tips around writing and sharing your birth story, enjoy episode 97 of the Plus Mommy Podcast below and available via all podcast apps.  

Recording & Show Notes: Plus Mommy Podcast Episode 97

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