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Embrace Your Summer Body And Suit Up For Summer Fun

Suiting up for summer fun can be difficult when you don’t feel like you have a summer body. Guess what? Put a bathing suit on your body, and you have a summer body! Let’s navigate the tricky waters of summertime and body image, together. Stop depriving yourself of fun experiences for fear of what others might think of your body.

plus size woman in a bathing suit celebrating her summer body

Feeling confident in your summer body! 

This is the body you have today, and this is the body you’ll have this summer season. Regardless of how many advertisements you come across that lead you to believe that your body is something you should cover up – it’s perfectly okay to embrace your body!

There are swimsuits out there for people of nearly every size so don’t feel limited.

Another important thing to remember that our kids are much safer when they are within our arm’s reach. So throwing on a swimsuit and getting wet with the little ones is great for everyone.

It’s helpful to see moms you can identify with rocking their summer bods.

How to handle body shamers.

Yes, there’s always a chance someone will go out of their way to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s good to prepare for how to handle a situation that can be triggering. Even though I truly hope you don’t have to deal with it!

If someone says something hurtful, you have two options…

1. Allow what they say to swallow you whole and refuse to put on a swimsuit ever again.

2. Take a deep breath and allow the comment to sting for a moment but quickly shake it off. That person is obviously misdirecting their own insecurities upon you. Go back to having a blast with your family in the sun.

Life is far too short to miss out on summer fun because you feel like you don’t have a summer body. The truth is people of all sizes struggle with body image, so you’re not alone.

Dive into some summer fun and splash off those insecurities!

Two plus size women jumping into a pool

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