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Body Love

Your worth is not measured by a number on a scale.

Your worth is not measured by a number on a scale.

Your worth is not measured by a number on a scale.

Got it? Good!

Being healthy is far more than a number on the BMI chart, and being plus size is far from the worst thing you can be.

Learning to love yourself for who you are today, regardless of what you want to look like tomorrow, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The narratives we tell ourselves about our bodies can be incredibly damaging. They not only hurt our own body image, but also the way our kids think about their own bodies.

So how can you work to end the negative self-talk?

Start by being aware of when it occurs. Is it a certain time of day? Do you only hear that voice when you’re under stress? Or are you always putting yourself down? If you start seeing a pattern, is there anything you can do to head-off belittling yourself?

If mornings are stressful, consider picking out your outfit the day before so you’re not critical of yourself first thing. Small changes in our daily routines can make a big impact.

Most importantly, try to catch yourself in those “I hate my” statements. Pause for a moment and then restart your sentence.

“I hate my flabby arms.” pause “I love that my arms are strong and allow me to carry my sleeping child from the car to their bed.”

We encourage you to start identifying when you are hardest on yourself. Try being proactive and limit those occurrences from happening. Then stop yourself, when you do become self-destructive, and restart with something uplifting. You are worthy of positive self-talk just as much as you are worthy of self-love.

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